Welcome to Christian Originals Radio.

We promote up-coming and independent Christian Music Artists.  We offer music review and critique, as well as an opportunity for air-play to a global audience.

If you’re looking for great music or you’re tired of the highly repeated artists on pop stations, tune in and see the difference.  You’ll hear many tunes on this station, today, that will be on the other stations, tomorrow.

If you’re a music artist, visit our Music Submissions page. We want to hear your music!

* Please Note:  To keep this station on the air, we need your donations.
Send donations to our Paypal account:  info@christianoriginalsradio.com

Questions? Contact us at: info@christianoriginalsradio.com* And, make sure you check out our Featured Books. You will gain great insight for your Christian walk from these most valuable reads.

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